Highland Trail Riders is happy to announce that equine campers will have exclusive use of the campground between April 19 – May 19, 2019 and Sept 3 – Sept. 29, 2019.  This was an agreement made with the DNR since we were successful in filling the campground the past few years during our organized camping events.

It’s not necessary to fill the campground during the equine only camping dates but we need to show usage. If folks don’t show up and camp (with horses) then we could be in danger of losing these dates.  Please spread the word to all equestrian campers.

Reservation Details:

Reservations will be accepted at the call center, 6 months ahead of arrival, at 1- 800-44-PARKS, and thru the Website at https://www.midnrreservations.com/

There will be a “Must Read” notice: “The Highland Rustic Campground will be Equestrian only from April 19- May 19, 2019 and Sept. 3-Sept 29, 2019. You must have horse(s), and pay the Equestrian rate to make a reservation for either time period”.

The DNR will keep the gates closed to the campground if they don’t have any equestrians registered, or any incoming reservations.  This will be required to keep non-equestrians from setting up camp after hours.  Therefore, equestrians will need to plan to arrive before 8pm to ensure entry to the campground.

Camping at Highland with horses is available outside the equine only camping months, just be aware that non-equine campers will also be sharing the campground during those periods.