The HTRA Board is reaching out to equine trail riders to fill our campground for the Sept. camping event.  This is our 2nd camping event in 2016 and there are sites waiting to be filled.  The clock is ticking and we need to fill all sites soon since full payment to the DNR is due 45 days before the event.
Please contact David Snyder as indicated in the flyer to reserve your site or complete the registration form and return to reserve your site today.

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Below are details on why HTRA is working to fill the campground with equine only campers!


All Equine Trail Riders,

The Highland Trail Riders board has recently been in negotiations with the MDNR to reclaim the existing campground at Highland as “Equine Only”.  This opportunity occurred when the MDNR was looking to turn Pontiac Lake into a shared campground, similar to Highland today.  Pontiac Lake Horsemen’s Association (PLHA) reached out to our board for feedback on how well this has been working at Highland.  Our reply was simply “It’s not working at Highland” and that is the reason equine campers elect not to camp at our park.  Pontiac Lake board members delivered this message to the MDNR in Lansing which led to additional meetings with the MDNR, HTRA and PLHA.

In order for the MDNR to consider any concession in how this campground is used, they want HTRA to display proof of usage by filling the campground with equine campers for a weekend event.  The HTRA board has agreed to extend our spring ride into a camping weekend/spring ride.  See attached flyer for details.

We are reaching out to our members to fill as many sites as possible for this event and also plan to  extend an invitation to our neighboring equine groups; Pontiac Lake, Proud Lake, Kensington and Brighton.  Sites will be reserved on a first come, first serve basis.  If all sites are not locked in by February 4th then we will send out an invitation to the other equine groups.  A map of the HTRA campground is also attached.

The good news is the MDNR is very receptive in working with us and discussing possible options that would work for equine and non-equine campers.  For example, (April/May) & Sept would be exclusively for equine campers (cooler temps and no bugs).  June, July & August could be used exclusively for non-equine campers.

HTRA is also interested in adding electric to selected sites over time based on funds we can raise and matching MDNR grants.   This idea is out a bit but something being discussed and considered.

None of this will happen without your support.  If we can’t demonstrate to the MDNR an interest in filling the Highland campground for a weekend then any plans for moving forward will be shot!  Also, please consider volunteering your time to help over the course of the campout.


David Snyder
Highland Trail Rider Association, President