February 26, 2017

I rode the west loop the other day and came across some downed trees that will be removed within the next few weeks.  You can get around these trees.

If you come across a tree down or any part of the trail impassible, please send an email to the link below.
Please provide details to the closest trail marker.  Thanks

In 2017 we will be looking to add 1-2 culverts in the west loop.   We are investigating methods to stop or slow down erosion on the hilly west loop areas.

If you are able to assist with chainsaw work, or lopper work please join our work bees. It takes a village to keep 12 miles of trails open and safe!  Emails with scheduled work bees will be scheduled in advance

Any questions, comments, or issues please email us at highlandtrailridersmi@gmail.com

We try to respond promptly.

Trail Map