December 2018

All trails are in great shape.  Enjoy.

If you come across a tree down or any part of the trail impassible, please send an email to the link below.
Please provide details to the closest trail marker.  Thanks

Highland Trail Riders was given a $7,600 gift for trail related work from the Highland Equestrian Conservancy.  This money will be used for improving the muddy section of trails on the west loop.  We will be putting down geo-tech fabric and cover with 140 tons of gravel.  This work was scheduled  to be done in November but the DNR had many complaints from hunters; we were asked by the DNR to postpone this work until spring.  Weather permitting, we may try to get this done in January or February.  This work will be done be trail markers P & N.

Any questions, comments, or issues please email us at

We try to respond promptly.

Trail Map